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Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru

Bath Butler

Relaxing Moments with our Bath Butler Service

End the day on a warm and tranquil note with a relaxing bath, specially drawn and prepared to suit you. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our Bath Butler service aimed at providing you with that extra touch of indulgence to complete the hospitality and care of the Hotel Monasterio.

Revitalise after a long day with a steamy bath, softly lit with the glow of candles and fragrant with aromatic salts, or celebrate your Andean romance in style, with satiny rose petals, champagne, candles and bubbles.

Andean Romance

Queros Bath

Imperial Bath

A romantic bath in a pleasant
and stylish atmosphere
Glass of Mimosa
Scented Candles
Chocolates and Kiwicha
Aromatic salts
Rose petals

Relaxing bath that evokes
ancient Inca traditions

Glass of coca sour
Prosciutto and brie canapés
Scented candles
Anti-stress bath salts
Coca leaf decoration

Energetic bath, symbol
of Inca sumptuosity

Glass of Kir Imperial
Scented and coca leaves candles
Exfoliating glove
Fresh andean cheese and honey
Energizing salts
Coca leaf decoration


For more information or to schedule your Bath Butler Service, please contact us at:

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